THE WOVEN UNIVERSE: Selected Writings Of Rev. Maori Marsden.


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ISBN: 047307916Categories: First EditionTags: maori, philosophy, theology

1st Edition, soft cover book in new condition.  Published by Estate of Rev Maori Marsden, 2003.

This book is a collection of the writings of Rev. Maori Marsden (1924-1993) who was a tohunga, scholar, writer, healer, minister and philosopher of the latter part of the twentieth century. In his writings, Marsden’s thoughts venture far and wide and include analyses and views on key concepts in the Maori worldview and knowledge, politics, science (particularly the New Physicists), the Treaty of Waitangi, the legal system and much more. All of his work, however, is under-pinned by a devout sense of divinity and mana that is central to Maori notions of the human person and his/her relationship with God and the universe.


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