White Rainbow, Black Curse by David Kawika Eyre


30 page, small hard cover,  in excellent used condition.

White Rainbow, Black Curse is the first in a 12-book series for young readers about the life of Kamehameha the Great. David Kawika Eyre’s series is entitled Kana’iaupuni (the Conqueror of the Islands). The series is illustrated by Native Hawaiian artist Imaikalani Kalahele.

White Rainbow, Black Curse begins the story of Kamehameha’s life. Even before Kamehameha is born, omens foretell his greatness. His pregnant mother craves the eye of the fierce niuhi shark. At his birth the land shakes with thunder and a “white rainbow” arches across the skies.

The ruling chief fears the coming of this child and plots to have him killed. But the baby is smuggled away to the safety of a remote area in Kohala where he spends his first years.

The Kana’iaupuni series is a work of historic fiction about Kamehameha, the great hero of Hawai’i. The series highlights the people, places, and events that shaped Kamehameha’s life and led him to become Kana’iaupuni (the Conqueror of the Islands). The twelve stories in this series are based on Hawaiian sources and are intended for young readers, families, and educators.

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