From Distant Villages: the Lives and Times of Croatian Settlers in New Zealand, 1858-1958, by Stephen A. Jelicich


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309 page used hardback in good condition. Dust cover in good condition. Pharos Publications Limited, 2008 (First Edition).

The story of Croatian settlement in New Zealand is presented in these pages as a mix of articles, biographies, documents and photographs. It is not a formal chronological history. I offer glimpses of the past through the lives of pioneer settlers, events of importance and archival material from public and private sources. This is by no means the full story; rather, my aim is to provide sufficient information for a better understanding of Croatian emigration to New Zealand. It is a historical missing link for all New Zealanders but will more particularly satisfy the curiosity of the numerous descendants of the pre-1960 pioneer families and those who have settled in New Zealand in more recent decades.

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