Maori Tales & Legends by Kate McCosh Clark


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Scarce antiquarian – rare & Collectable

1896 first edition hard cover in good second hand condition.No dust cover and done fixing of edges. Some browning of pages. Overall good condition for its age.


illustrated. 1896 edition. Excerpt: … usually bathed in a large pool in the wood at some distance from his dwelling, and that he stayed there to do up his long hair and stick in it the comb as became a future chief, for clear as in a glass was his reflection in the still waters of the pool. One morning before the sun rose, they heard Tawhaki singing in loud, clear tones: O stars of morn, ye faint and die When roseate breaks the eastern sky. Rise up, bright sun, that I may see The clear deep pool of Tawhaki. Thus sung the young brave, and his brothers knew he was going to his pool to bathe and they followed him. When he was in the water they rushed upon him and knocked him down, and they dragged him to the shore and there left him for dead. They hid in some bushes to make sure they had really killed him. Tawhaki did not move, so they thought he must be dead, but to make quite sure one of them called out, ” O Tawhaki, where are you?” But only the swamp hen uttered its lonely cry, “Ke! Ke!” Then another brother called loudly, “O Tawhaki, where are you?” But only the rail answered in mournful notes, “Hu! Hu!” The last brother cried, “O Tawhaki, where are you?” But all was silent, and Tawhaki lay motionless where they had placed him. So they thought he was surely quite dead, and they hastened back to the village and said nothing about their brother. Now Tawhaki had only gone a short distance on the way to the shades. He would not listen to the voices which called him to the further spiritworld, for if he had, he could never have returned through the door of night and of silence. He lingered for a short time on the border land of the shades, and then his spirit returned to his body, and he heard the last call of his brothers to him, but he answered not. When they had gone away…

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