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927 page large paperback in good used . 2006 Celestial Arts.

The twenty-first century edition of this groundbreaking work presents authoritative health and nutrition information available in an easy-to-use format and a friendly, engaging tone. “An excellent guide for those wishing to make smarter dietary choices.”–Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Healthy Aging Decades of practical experience and scientific research from Dr. Elson Haas and Dr. Buck Levin are compiled into one encyclopedic volume that features newly expanded chapters on special supplements, lifestage programs, and breakthrough medical treatment protocols for fatigue, viruses, weight management, and mental and mood disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, and depression. Part One gives a detailed analysis of the building blocks of nutrition: water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
Part Two evaluates food and diets, discussing every food group and most diets around the world. A special chapter on the environment and nutrition raises awareness and offers guidance about food additives, industrial chemicals, food irradiation, electro-pollution, and other health and ecological issues.
Part Three brings all of this nutritional information together, showing readers how to make wise and commonsense choices while building a healthy diet. A personalized eating plan for the year, the Ideal Diet is both seasonally and naturally based, and a healthy lifelong diet.
Part Four contains specific nutritional and life-style therapies for enhancing all stages of life and suggests treatments for common conditions and diseases such as aging, menopause, bone loss, weight loss, and cancer by focusing on nutritional applications: thirty-two special diet and supplemental programs. Anyone interested in enhancing wellness, eating right, treating illness naturally, and living in harmony with nature will find Staying Healthy with Nutrition to be the ultimate handbook for optimal health and vitality.

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